Why meat is murder?


MEAT kills literally billions. A staggering 55 billion animals, 8 times the entire global human population, are killed for human consumption each and every year, with a total loss that translates to more than 150 million beings killed every day. This is not even counting the several billion fish that perish. Humans, too, die each year because of meat and fish, and anything related to animal consumption. Nearly 33 million people succumb to meat-related diseases annually through heart disease, cancer and other conditions that claim the lives of more than 90,000 persons each day; 90,000 persons die each day because of animal consumption! And then there are those who cannot obtain food because the grains they need are used to feed animals that will be killed for meat.
Approximately 25,000 people die of hunger every day, on top of the 90,000 people who die because of meat. There are 25,000 people who die of hunger indirectly, also because of meat. And now on top of this, we have hundreds of thousands of people dying each year, as the victims of meat-caused global warming. We have tens of millions of others who are made homeless due to climate change. We call them climate refugees, if there is such a term; in fact, they have no status. And this does not include the innocent wildlife and domestic animals who suffer because of meat-related problems. Meat causes global warming, and kills and kills and kills. Therefore, MEAT is murder, a crime that must be stopped. Although some of you already know the horrifying effects of meat-related diseases.


Excerpt from SMCH news no 207